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"Who wants honey, as long as there is some money? Who wants that honey? Let me out!" Quote from the song "Cherub Rock" of "The Smashing Pumpkins"

The - Idea:

Buy goods and services easily with your work instead of money!

Pay jobbers and assistants just in goods or services rather than money!


Search a garden-helper for vegetables via jobsforgoods


Hi, I am looking for a helper or two this weekend, which will help me in my vegetable crop in my large private self contained garden. I offer different fresh vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, some cucumbers, plums) and other home-grown and home-made food (jams and preserves). The work is based on the - work-for-goods-principle (see website). More details on the phone calling 0123 - 456 789. The garden is located in Hagenbeck in Berlin/Germany. Students, unemployed, foreigners and refugees welcome! We speak english.

Regards, Martina

Bistro needs furniture manufacturer for food via jobsforgoods


Hi, I have an Italian bistro and I’m looking for about three days for a helper to assemble new tables, chairs and benches. Material and cordless screwdrivers, etc. everything available. As a reward you earn one meal of your choice in my bistro for every hour you have worked. The work is based on the - work-for-goods-principle (see website). My mobile number is 0178 – 33445566. My bistro is in Cologne/Germany. Migrants, students, pupils welcome.

Until then, Luigi

Find jobs & work

To work freely for real goods, just follow the basket-link to our selected free classifieds portal of your country and find companies, associations and people who seek help for meaningful things.

Select no category. Just enter in the search box of the classifieds portal the term „jobsforgoods"!!!

Receive all job ads of your country or your region, where - jobs are offered. For a job at your doorstep you have to limit the search area.

lachender-kuerbis-128.pngSearch for ads

Search jobbers & working helpers

If you are looking for money free help for your company, your club or your own project, then just follow the basket-link to the free classifieds portal of your country, sign up there and create an ad under the

Headings "jobs", "services" or "to give away & replace".

Type in your request for help, the goods you want to offer wages, the working place and further details. Choose better no additional options for your display, because these are chargeable.

Type definitely in the title line of your advertisement in addition to the term "jobsforgoods" without any spaces!!! e.g. as "pickers wanted jobsforgoods". In some portals "jobsforgoods" can also be entered as a keyword. In the text of your advertisement you should mention our internet address “” so other people can inform on the functioning of work for goods.

So jobbers are able to find your job offer. It would be nice if you could write your offer in another language too. This increases the chance to recruit more capable jobbers of all nationalities. If you have any questions just send us an email.

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Business & sticky

As a jobber you negotiate with your employer simply verbally about the work and the goods, such as:

1 working hour assistance in the apple harvest = 5 kilo of apples.

Both of you can also can merchandise values with the help of your local currency, for example:

1 hour of work helping with grocery sales = 5 Euro value of goods.

After the agreed 4 hours total time the jobber gets different foods with a total value of 20 Euros for the current prices from the business of the employer.

You can also arrange pick up the goods later, for example, after the harvest. Then you should let give you a written voucher for the goods purchased amount at the end of the work, for example, so: "voucher 50kg apples, to be picked up the latest 30.09.20xx. Publisher: Farm Gerard Miller, Villagestreet 1, in Millvilliage, signature of the holder ".

As an employer you should in any case care for a maximum safety at work and ensure an adequate insurance on your part, as check if your jobber has an insurance. Find out in detail with your insurance and your legislators about the legal situation. The information on this page does not replace legal advice.

Meet an agreement before starting work with your jobber, whether it is a purely private aid, a joint private activity or a free operating internship in a company or an association. For private aids jobbers need adequate private insurance, for example, liability insurance in case they damage a valuable property of the employer and a health insurance in case of an accident. The private employer also needs a liability insurance and in additional a builders insurance, when he claimes private assistance in a construction project. Operating free internships must be agreed in writing an internship contract. Make sure you have an insurance for industrial accidents and a public liability insurance, then the insurance pays the full cost in case of an accident.

You should give your jobbers only simple and safe work, for example, in sales, harvesting from the ground and mainly manual work without power tools.

Do not enter your jobbers hazardous jobs with machines, tractors, saws or cars. Always keep in mind that many make for the first time a job in your industry. Give them an appropriate introduction to the work or place them permanently a specialist aside.

Good luck and have fun with your work!





halloween.jpg uses free classifieds portals

So you can also be found by people who do not know

Choose your country and simply enter "jobsforgoods" in the search bar of the classified ads portale or type in “jobsforgoods” in the title bar and “” in the text of your own search ad!






If you want to introduce in your country, then write us an eMail and tell us which free classifieds portal for jobs and services in your country is the best and the most popular. Then we take your country in our list and translate the site into the countries language. Many thanks. Your - Team.





More examples & target group

Peter and Angela have a small organic farm with a lot of work and little time to go to market in the next town. Especially at harvest time it is very difficult to establish the harvesting and selling the crop at the same time. With us they are constantly getting young people as harvesters. Now Peter and Angela do not have to harvest everything alone and the harvest has already some customers. Since Angela now no longer needs to help with the harvest, she has time to go to market. Both are pleased with more money and more sales this fall.

Tom is 14 and a pupil. He would like to have a new bike. Because he has no money, he works for 6 months after school a few hours in Gerald's bicycle repair shop just around the corner. Gerald has many bicycle for repair and needs someone for accepting the repairs. After this time, Gerald gives him a very good bicycle, which he has retreaded by himself. Tom has now learned a lot about work and he has deserved something himself for the first time.

Hadim and Bob are refugees. They do not have work permits in their host country. Clara and her friends have jobs and therefore only little time for their jointly founded city-gardening-project on the place of an unused former market nursery. With us all build food together around the clock for their families and they share the surpluses with clothes, furniture and other vital things.

Frieda is 65 years old. She lives alone on their property: a big house with a large garden. Because she needs someone to keep the house clean, she offers a room for free by Mark is a technically gifted student but has little time to earn money. He's happy to find a room for which he has to pay no rent. He pays only the cost of energy because he helps Frieda with the work in the house and on the property.

Philosophy & inspiration

Some people work for small pieces of paper or some numbers on your bank statement. With us you earn many different real goods and pay with the money what everyone has, with your time, your skills and your strength.

With us you do not pay taxes. No one has to do all the paperwork. No one has to participate in global trade. For many works and goods, particularly in agriculture, you do not need an extra permission, if you want to produce them or give them away.

You work in sectors where everyone really needs the other. For instance in organic farming and horticulture, organic food stores, in bike workshops for non-profit organizations, for neighbors and sometimes even for people, who gives you nothing of value than a "thank you". Making a senseful work, is always better than actually do useless things for paper and figures or to have nothing to do. was inspired by and is our response to the economic, environmental, financial and social crisis in countries around the world.

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